Top 10 bravest police dogs who have chased down suspects and found evidence

Top 10 bravest police dogs who have chased down suspects and found evidence

To their handlers, police dogs are much more than adorable pets (they’re that too) – they’re their canine colleagues.

They’re resilient, fiercely loyal and incredibly smart. And while we’ve been safe and sound at home, they’ve been out assisting police officers in catching criminals.

We’re pretty proud of the forces’ police dogs and the work they do so we thought they needed celebrating.

From chasing down suspects to sniffing our valuable evidence, here’s what 10 of them have been up to this month.

A wanted man caught thanks to PD Jäger
A man evading justice has finally been caught thanks to the help of PD Jäger.

Part of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police Dog Unit, Jäger helped catch a wanted man who had been giving local officers the run around in Ware. But upon seeing Jäger, he wasn’t so keen to keep on running.

Great work Jäger!

Burglars tracked thanks to PD Storm
Some first-class tracking work from PD Storm led to the capture of two burglars in Hoddesdon.

Two suspects were sighted but one was lost, but not for long. After tracking from the scene, Storm located the burglar.

Fantastic job Storm!

Evidence found by PD Bruce
PD Bruce has been proving his worth after just his second operational shift with his force.

When a vehicle failed to stop in Southend and the suspects decamped, Bruce found property that had been discarded underneath the vehicle.

It’s not only catching criminals that police dogs can do, they also find vital evidence.

Good boy Bruce!

What a find by PD Jimmy
After a male was stopped in possession of drugs, it was PD Jimmy who was tasked with searching the suspect’s home.

And Jimmy came through with the goods, he located a large quantity of class B drugs as well as cash which had been hidden in the property.

Well done Jimmy!

Vulnerable person located thanks to PD Ace
Not only do police dogs locate criminals, they can also use their super-sensitive noses to track missing people. And that’s exactly what PD Ace did down in Cornwall.

He tracked a female who had walked a mile along cliff tops whilst in distress. Thanks to Ace, officers were able to talk her down from the cliff, all the while Ace stayed calm.

What an Ace job!

Last shift for PD Moshi
Wanting to go out with a bang, PD Moshi’s last ever shift saw him sniffing out a male hidden in a garden.

He was wanted for a domestic assault in South Wales.

Thanks to Moshi, he’s now been detained.

Happy retirement Moshi!

Van thief caught thanks to Chase
After reports of a stolen vehicle in Rowley Regis, force response officers locate the van after it collided with a parked car.

The suspects soon made off but thanks to PD Chase tracking through gardens into neighbouring streets, a suspect was located nearby. That’s one in custody after a job well done by Chase!

Great work Chase!

Drug paraphernalia sniffed out by PD Lou
Another dog who’s been using their nose to sniff out drugs is PD Lou.

Assisting a task force in Derby, Lou managed to locate some cash and drug paraphernalia. What a good search dog she is.

Well done Lou!

PD Bree tracks suspect to their home
Just when a driver who failed to stop for police thought he was home and dry, in came PD Bree.

After the driver made off on foot, Bree tracked all the way to the suspect’s home address where he was found and arrested.

You showed him Bree!

Suspect no match for young PD Eddie
Fresh from his police training, young PD Eddie has hit the ground running.

After a car chase in the Eccles area, the offender initially stopped before later trying to take on Eddie and his handler.

But he was no match for this new recruit, Eddie managed to detain him.

Great start Eddie!