Witness suggests Travis Rudolph acted in self-defense

Witness suggests Travis Rudolph acted in self-defense

Former NFL receiver Travis Rudolph faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. A witness to the incident contends that Rudolph may have had justification.

Hannah Winston of the Palm Beach Post reports that Rudolph acted in self-defense after a group of men came to “talk with” him.

Per the report, witnesses to the relevant events contend that Rudolph had a physical altercation with his girlfriend. Later, a group of four people drove up to Rudolph’s home, knocked on the door, and said they wanted to talk to him. A fight then broke out between those inside and outside the house, and Rudolph allegedly returned to the home at one point to get a rifle.

Rudolph allegedly started shooting as the group ran back to their car and attempted to flee. This fact, if true, would tend to undercut the self-defense argument.

The self-defense argument hasn’t worked yet. Rudolph remains jailed without bond.